The Everett Resort - Eagle River, Wisconsin 54521

The Everett Resort

A place in the woods on a sandy lakefront connected to dozens of other lakes and surrounded by many other lakes, streams and rivers.  A place of peace, tranquility and quiet, natural harmony and exquisite beauty.  Along our lakefront you’ll see the bald eagles soaring daily.  Early mornings and later afternoons you’ll delight as the loons call their mates just off the Everett lakeshore.  Gentle wildlife abounds.

Sunsets from our lakefront Gables Residence and from our beach and dock areas will thrill you.  The evening sky is bright with stars, planets and our Moon all sparkling over the lakes. Many families over many generations have returned to The Everett season after season to enjoy the natural wonders of the North Woods.

The Everett is four miles from the town of Eagle River, Wisconsin.  The record keepers in Vilas County note that in Vilas alone there are over 1,000 named lakes!  Also, The Everett is right at the eastern edge of the Nicolet, 600,000+ acres of magnificent Pine forest with trails, rivers, streams, and lakes for endless exploring and enjoyment.

The Everett Resort ... 122 Summers at the Heart of the Chain of 28 Lakes.

The Everett Resort
1269 Everett Road
Eagle River, Wisconsin 54521
Tel: 312-391-5330
Chicago Office: 872-806-2088